Tehran Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar an old historical bazaar in Tehran, Iran. It is split into several corridors over 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) in length, each specializing in different types of goods, and has several entrances, with Sabze-Meydan being the main entrance In addition to shops, the Grand Bazaar contains mosques, guest houses, and banks. It has access to the rapid transit system ofTehran Metro through the stations of Khayam and Khordad 15th. The distance is 6 Kilometers

Tehran Bam land Complex

Bam land Complex, Tehran

Bam engineering Development Group has begun constructing centers in which people not only are able to rest and relax but also do shopping and have fun. These centers are just lands for recreation and doing business which are planned for ultra-city. Functionality. The first one is designed and built by Bam Group and is operating in the west of Tehran by Khalij Fars Lake. Bam Land includes cultural, recreational and commercial spaces. The distance is 20 Kilometers

Tehran Palladium Mall

Palladium Mall, Tehran

Tehran Palladium Luxury Shopping Center located in Zaferanieh is 150,000 Sq. meters with 150 corporate offices in two towers (North and south), 200 Brand retail shops, 24 restaurants (food courts, coffee shops and fine dining), a large Hyper Market, Book Land, Largest Toy Store in the Middle East, a luxurious Athletic Center on the 6th floor with a view of the whole city, 26 elevators, over 1200 parking spaces and much more. This luxury Shopping Center is upon its Grand opening and therefore, it is seeking for elite, motivated and energetic individuals to join its fast growing team of experts for this fantastic event and future progresses. Palladium Luxury Shopping Center is the first of its kind in Tehran and will pave the road to the future and you can be a part of this great journey. The distance is 15 Kilometers

Tehran Arg Commercial Complex

Arg Commercial complex, Tehran

Arg Commercial complex is a complete collection of the most famous brands in Iran including clothes, cosmetics, home appliances, electronics and kitchen, Perfume, jewelry, carpets and rugs, glasses and Rhinestones, all in a fun & modern environment. The most important features of this big commercial complex include an amusment park, amphitheater, restaurants, food court, coffee shops and green roof garden which will be ready to use in early 2015. Currently a number of 200 commercial units and 1000 parking spaces welcome all guests between 10:00 to 23:00. This large commercial complex is located in the north of Tehran, near Tajrish square. The distance is 10 Kilometers

Tehran Sam Commercial Complex

Sam Commercial Complex, Tehran

Sam Commercial Complex was established in the late 2011 with new approach for defining and manufacturing a dynamic space within noble framework at Tehran by having unique architectural structure and focusing on world’s most valid and famous brand in order to meet the customer’s requirements. The 2 most key properties of Sam Center are including: “nobility and quality of offering new style for life and clothes”. Presence of valid and famous brands in the field of clothes, bag and shoes, complementary items, gold and jewelry, wrist watch, silver, cosmetics, perfume, Eau de Cologne for meeting the customer’s requirements i.e. customers being tried and fed-up with travel, merchants and policy makers and any perspicacious person in search of finding unique items for lifestyle and also respected guests traveling to Iran who are very far from their homeland to feel relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The distance is 8 Kilometers

Tehran Modern Elahiyeh Complex

Modern Elahiyeh Complex, Tehran

Modern Elahiyeh Complex is a luxurious and modern shopping center which opened in year 2011 and is located in Elahiyeh region. This Commercial Complex is a collection of famous international brands in clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, watches and accessories. The building, is set up on a total land area of 1915 Sq2 in North Africa Blvd., Corner of Modaress Highway, with an overlook to Elahiyeh highland in Tehran. The total built area of the building is about 17000 Sq2 and has been developed in 11 stories. Modern Elahiyeh is the first commercial complex in Tehran’s elahiyeh region which is established with a special and modern attention to design and implementation and with the aim of gathering together the most prestigious brands in the world. The distance is 8 Kilometers

Tehran Kourosh Complex

Kourosh Complex, Tehran

Kourosh Complex, with more than 500 business units in 17 floors, is a collection of the biggest and best commercial, cultural and entertainment sections. Due to the presence of multiple brands, several business units and the variety of products and services, Kourosh Complex is the best choice for those who want to experience the best. A modern architecture with a minimal finish, the proportions of volumes and surfaces, emphasis on human movement in space and harmonic design of color and light, are the basis for the construction of this complex. Attractive perspectives, soothing fountain, fluent circulation, Terrarium and especially the vast void between floor that is visible through hallways, stairs and elevators and panoramic elevators are the most distinctive focal points of this complex. The distance is 11 Kilometers